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This revolutionary, synchronized timekeeping system is so easy to use.

The GPS Receiver captures a time signal from the U.S. government's global positioning system (GPS) satellites and sends it to the Transmitter. The Transmitter then broadcasts the time to every Primex Wireless clock in your facility. The result? All of the clocks are synchronized to the exact second!

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1 Watt   5 Watt or 30 Watt

If your clocks can't keep the right time, how can your employees? Inaccurate clocks give employees an excuse for arriving late or leaving early. They take longer breaks and arrive late to meetings. Computer clocks show a different time than wall clocks, and it’s virtually impossible to synchronize activities in multiple government buildings. All of this greatly reduces efficiency and productivity levels, eroding public confidence as well as your budget. Eliminate these problems and count on the most accurate, dependable timekeeping system in the world to keep your facility running smoothly.



Analog Clocks

Traditional Series Analog
With simple dials and durable polycarbonate frames and lenses, these clocks are designed for easy viewing. The patent-pending Clock Lock™ feature prevents employees and visitors from removing clocks from walls, and shatterproof lenses provide added safety. Dual-sided clocks are well-suited for hallway use. A variety of styles, colors and sizes lets you coordinate with your facility’s décor. The 9” size is perfect for individual workstations.


Metal Series
Contemporary brushed aluminum frames offer an upscale, executive look to our high-performance clocks, a smart choice for offices and reception areas. These high-tech, synchronized clocks are easy to install, immediately keeping time with the rest of the Primex Wireless Clock System.


Platinum Series
The Platinum Series is the first and only analog clock series available with a chemically-resistant coating to protect against commonly used cleaners and dust collection. The smart design provides a clean look that can easily be incorporated into a variety of settings ranging from food processing facilities to pharmaceutical manufacturing to corporate office buildings.


Wood Series
Solid hardwood frames in a variety of finishes are handsome timekeepers for reception areas or conference rooms. Choose from ivory dials with Arabic numerals or antique dials with Roman numerals.


Gallery Series
Beautiful styling and cutting-edge wireless technology define these Gallery Series clocks. Their generous size makes them ideal for large, open areas of your facility, such as a conference room, cafeteria or reception area. Choose from Roman or Arabic numerals, complimented by an antique finished dial and black distressed-finish bezel.


Custom Logo
A school mascot. A company logo. A city's colors. Now, you can show your pride with custom logo clocks. Available on all Primex Wireless clocks for an additional fee.


Digital Clocks and Timers

Personal Series LCD Clock
The Personal Series LCD Clock from Primex Wireless offers both the accuracy of GPS time synchronization and the convenience and styling desired for your personal space. The Personal Series’ slim, sleek design offers contemporary styling in the office, dorm room or classroom. The Personal Series clock has the ability to synchronize with the Primex Wireless GPS Synchronized Time System, or it may also be used as a standard digital quartz clock. Personalize this clock with custom logo silkscreening to really make it your own.


Digital Timers
Viewable up to 150 feet away, these bright LED-digit clocks are perfect for large areas where a clock is viewed from afar, such as hallways, shipping/receiving areas or open work spaces with multiple workstations. Dual-sided digital clocks are especially useful in hallways with their bright, clear and easy-to-read numbers. They’re also easy to install – simply connect the power source and the clock is instantly synchronized to the Primex Wireless System.


Wireless Bell and Tone Synchronization

This solution allows you to easily synchronize any public-address or mechanical tone systems in your facility. Our Event Scheduler Pro Software lets you set precise tone schedules on your PC to announce break periods or new shifts. Our Wireless Data Transceivers enable you to create a schedule from a central facility location and send it wirelessly to the transmitter. A multi-site government entity can also coordinate schedules among all of its locations through remote scheduling capability (remote access software is required to send the schedule to multiple buildings in a given area). Our Wireless Tone System can be integrated with your existing PA or tone system.


CompuSync NTP Series

Get completely accurate time on every computer! The CompuSync NTP System is available in two product configurations, providing either GPS- or NIST-traceable time to every computer within your facility!. It can be used with the CommandPoint Transmitter to keep all the clocks, bells and other timing mechanisms perfectly in sync with the network computers, or it can be used as a NIST-traceable standalone application solely for computer networks.


Accessories for GPS Wireless Clock System. Wire Guard,Transmitter Rack,Clock Lock, Surge Protector and Battery Back-Up System and Batteries

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